ASG offers a range of products and services for temporary and permanent power requirements. Our globally integrated solutions allow for complete and uninterrupted power generation, seamlessly bridging the gap between power supply and demand.

Temporary Power

ASG provides reliable and fuel-efficient power generators to guarantee power generation without interruption. Whether it is for a single site or a multi-megawatt power requirement, ASG offer a wide range of temporary multi-fuel generators and power accessories worldwide. All installations include the services of a dedicated team to plan, organize and manage the entire process of supplying temporary power generation.
Temporary Power Products:
  • Diesel Generators: 30kVA – 1250kVA
  • Power Distribution Technology
  • Load Banks
  • Double Bonded Fuel Tanks up to 5000 gallon capacity
  • Multi-tap Transformers
All ASG’s temporary power solutions are offered through their group company Rental Solutions & Services (RSS), visit their website to find out more.

Permanent Power

ASG has the capability to build, operate and maintain highly efficient and environmentally responsible power plants. Our unique energy concept allows the electricity produced to be sold to a wide range of industry sectors.
From initial enquiry to end product, ASG can provide all the services you require.
  • Planning & Design
  • Operations and Maintanance (O&M)
  • Engineering Procurement and Construction
  • Financing