Offshore & Land Based Water Solutions

ASG provides mobile and system-integrated water and wastewater treatment solutions to the oil and gas industry on a rental basis.

ASG’s water solutions are engineered to ensure the highest standards of reliability in the toughest environments. Our rigorous standards ensure that all our components are of the highest quality with minimal maintenance.

We provide a range of customized design options including:

Water Treatment

ASG offer a range of water and waste water treatment solutions for oil & gas applications:

RSS offer the following technical service solutions across all our businesses:
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Call-out Service to all breakdowns
  • Generator Testing – Load Banks
  • Chiller Testing & Commissioning

Waste Water Treatment

  • Tilted Plate Interceptor/ Dissolved Air Flotation
  • Conventional Sewage Treatment
  • Sequencing batch reactors
  • Submerged Aerated Filter
  • Membrane bioreactor

All ASG’s water solutions are offered through their group company Hydromagx, visit their website to find out more.